Tuesday, March 19, 2013

“Vacuum Cleaners suck | Mum deserves better!

You know I've always known that images are a priceless memory to have, but never fully understood just how much until I had my own little ones!  I hear it nearly every day, "they grow up way to fast", and that's the truth, they really do, like, right before our eyes.  It feels like just last week I was giving birth to my first baby, now I have two and I don't know where the time has gone, but the images I have of them are oh, so precious.

Your Mum deserves something more than a piece of electrical equipment, (as much as I really do NEED a new Vacuum cleaner), the flowers will die and the chocolate, (well you know where that sticks)!  All I'm saying is put some extra thought into Mothers Day this year! I really WANT (I hope he's reading this), something to hold onto or an experience to be remembered - that's the MUM in me talking, not the photographer, and not because I want to sell heaps of sessions (I do, it would be silly if I didn't, don't get me wrong), because I feel it's important to capture gorgeous portraits of your family... simple.

Because I've never sat and admired my vacuum cleaner here's 6 reasons to book Mother's Day Portraits to avoid disappointing your mum this year, because if she's anything like me, she's awesome, and deserves some gorgeous portraits to admire :)  We asked what you wanted, you told us, and we delivered, that's why we have included $50 towards any service at Body Bare Beauty, mmm massage anyone?

Sessions are strictly Limited - not available with any other offers or discounts.
Payment plans available - For any more info please call me @ Sam I am on 0419 731 709 or 3288 0378

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