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2011 | A Year through the Eyes, Heart and Soul of a Portrait Photographer

I must say, I thought I was prepared for 2011, having a few marketing ideas, ready to launch.  Boy was I mistaken!   On January 11 the waters of the Bremer River rose so high, that it was being compared to the worst flood since 1974.  Mum had always spoke of the '74 floods, and how horrible it was, (the house we lived in went "under" in '74).  So, when they were comparing the floods to the 1974 floods, I immediately thought about what mum had told us, and knew it wasn't good.  Mum and Dad and my Father in-law lost their homes along with many thousands more - but they were safe!  It was an incredibly difficult time for our family, being 20 weeks pregnant at the time, the clean up for me was hard, I mostly had to watch, I was afraid of getting infections from the water, but as you do, you help, it's the spirit that has been bred into me (and as it turns out - the whole community), you just do it.

Top photo: My father in-law's house with flood waters up to it's roof
Bottom photo: Mu mum and dad's house, all you can see is the roof

In February my baby girl Dizzy (Beagle) had her last lot of puppies, she was in labour during Cyclone Yasi (which devastated parts of the States north) - it was a long, long night she had 6 puppies, 5 boys and 1 girl, they were so cute, it was very hard to part with them after caring for them for their first 8 weeks.  Dizzy has since been fixed.

The turn of events turned out to be a "make or break" time for us.  We HAD to get back to work - we now had two families to keep under the one roof (Dans family was staying with us).  We wanted sooo much to be able to help out the community in some way,  but family portraits are the last thing on peoples minds when half the community has lost not only homes, but tragically friends and family members also.  As the only source of income for us - we did what we do best - we helped out a charity.  We brought our annual Animal Antics Pet Portrait event forward to March to support the RSPCA, who had lost their shelter at Fairfield during the floods.  Animal Antics in 2011 exceeded all expectations (we didn't really know what to expect), but has seen us donate more than $2000 to the RSPCA during 2011.  Thank-you to everyone who supported not only the RSPCA , but also us, when we really needed it!  Animal Antics is set to return in July 2012!!!

We also headed up to Buderim on the Sunshine Coast in March for my Maternity Portrait session with Kelly Munce.  This was a Christmas Gift from my husband, family and friends from last year, I was so anxious and nervous, thinking back I don't know what I was worried about.  They were so beautiful and are now very treasured memories.
I also happy that Kelly Munce decided to take one of our puppies (now called Daisy) - home as a gift for her daughter:)
Kelly and I at dinner
 (the top photo above is me being photographed for my maternity portraits-in the freezing cold water)

I was due to have my first baby in May, making the rest of the year look so much brighter.  On the 10th of May, I gave birth (4 days early) to a beautiful healthy baby girl Alexis Elizabeth Wick.  She has brought so much more Joy to our lives than I could have ever imagined.  I love being a mum, I think it suits me :)

My beautiful daughter Alexis, born 10/5/11

Just when we thought the future looked so bright - my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a secondary cancer from her breast cancer 3 years earlier.  Mum was suffering severe head aches for a couple of months, and so she went for tests that confirmed our worst fears.  She went in to have it removed when Alexis was only a few weeks old.  Following the operation, she would have radiation to minimise the chance of it returning.  So not only had Mum and Dad lost their home, they had this to endure this battle as well.  They were still not living back home at this stage, they were living beneath my sisters house.  More than ever we needed to get them back into the comfort of their own home.  With he help and generosity of friends, family and strangers, we rallied them together to have the house finished - they moved back home in June.   Mum seemed to have recovered well.  She looked and felt pretty good!

Around September, mum and dad and my sister went for her appointment at the hospital where mum thought she was going to discuss Chemo for the cancer that they had found that week in her spine.  She was ready to tackle it head on, but as they walked in and sat down and the doctor proceeded to tell them that her cancer had returned - this time in the lining of the brain as well as her spine.  He said that no treatment will be effective on the lining of the brain and that mum has a minimum of 2 months to live!  The news, as mum broke it to us, shattered us on a level that's even hard to explain.  We cried, we hugged, and cried some more.

My first thought was that we hadn't had family portraits in such a long time, and me, being me, had been wanting to have them done for so long.  So my dear husband organises to have Kelly Munce fly up from Newcastle about 2 weeks after the news had shocked us.  This in itself was a truly amazing gesture on Kelly's part.  I know how busy she is with her own business in Newcastle,  she not only flew up here between her busy schedule, but also provided my family with their precious family portraits at no cost.  I am truly grateful to be part of an industry where people do so much for each other.

My sister had decided to bring her wedding forward a whole year in October just so mum would be there, she managed to plan her wedding in 3 weeks and once again with the help of some truly amazing people in this industry, she was blessed to have Ben & Lisa Clark (whom I had never met personally before) volunteer their services to photograph Kelly's wedding.  She will be forever grateful for their generosity shown during this difficult time.

As I sit and write this, Mum is still with us, she is hanging on, some days are worse than others.  We are looking forward to Christmas with her, and just taking day by day.  Every day we have with mum is special, she is now on borrowed time, she is the most wonderful beautiful and caring woman that I know, she may have come to terms with the fact that she is dying, but it is too early, she is not ready, she is too young, mum is only 52.

She thought she had beaten breast cancer, she thought she was in remission. She was told that it was an aggressive type of cancer, but thought the worst was over.  How wrong she was.  She now wishes she didn't sit around for those 3 years, just existing in life, she wishes she was really living life, adventuring, and travelling.  Well, I am doing everything I can to prevent having this happen to me, with a mother with a history of breast cancer, I have to start having mammograms 10 years before the age she was diagnosed at 48. That's only 7 years away for me.  I am going to live an active and healthy life - I'm not giving cancer any chance of appearing in my body.

We had taken these portraits while on holidays up the sunshine coast where Alexis and I spent a few days with mum, about 2 1/2 months ago

In September we travelled to Montville for a bit of a working holiday and Alexis had her first road trip,  I had a couple of shoots organised while were there, it was such a lovely little 4 day getaway.

Cute little Cottage we stayed in, while in Montville

In October I took a leap of faith and Studio Instinct Photography - was no more.  We launched our new business - Sam I am | Portrait Photographer.  Having a little push and guidance from a very good and supportive friend, the transition was smooth and so far successful.

Show You Care with a Teddy Bear - our first children's portrait charity event, to add some joy to the faces of the Mater Little Miracles, just in time for Christmas - was launched to co-inside with the launch of Sam I am.
During October & November we collected nearly $2000 worth of toys to donate to the Mater Little Miracles  to make their Christmas just that little bit brighter.  I have met so many wonderful and courageous children since beginning to work with the Mater Foundation - I wouldn't swap it for the world.  Working with these amazing children and their families keeps me grounded, and I always make sure I appreciate the small things - there are always a lot of others out there always doing it tougher, who need all the help they can get.  2012 will see Show You Care again in October & November and I will be setting my goals even higher.

2012 will also see Sam I am make their biggest contribution to the Mater Little Miracles yet!  I made a personal commitment in October - to donate $12000 ($1000/Month) in photographic services to families who either would never think about it (they're too busy taking care of their children for that), or simply could never afford it - medical and travel expenses don't come cheap!!!

Our Beautiful stay in Palm Cove, I can't wait to go back!!

Late in October we headed to Palm Cove for an Anniversary getaway, Alexis' first time on a plane, our first REAL holiday as a family.  It was magnificent, she loved it so much.  I Can't wait for many more family holidays, however, suddenly 1 week doesn't seem long enough!!!

In November we took an 11 hour road trip to see our friend Kelly Munce, who was going to photograph our family portrait while we were there.  Kelly has photographed my maternity and family portraits before, she is amazing at what she does, her work is simply stunning.  While we were staying with them in Newcastle, I was lucky enough to assist on a couple of her shoots, wow what a privilege it was for me, and Alexis even got to model for her during a magazine shoot for My Child.  Unfortunately the 11 hour drive there, meant an 11 hours home, why is it always better going on holidays than coming home??

the LOOOONNGGG drive to Newcastle, beautiful countryside.

So while there has been so much happen in 2011 to be down about, I also have so much to be thankful for, like a wonderful supportive husband, happy healthy baby girl, wonderful caring family and friends who surround me, the birth of 3 new bubbas (2 nieces and 1 nephew), and my mum here for Christmas, what more could I ask for??

There is so much happening in 2012, yes we will bring you the Grinch for Christmas, that, among many things.  Stay tuned, for all of the exciting things to happen.  We look forward to seeing many of you again to preserve your precious family portraits - memories can never be replaced.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year ~ I'm personally not making any resolutions.  Today I live life a little differently.  If you want something - go and get it!  You never know if you will get that chance again!  The choices I make will determine my success both personally and in business during the year to come and more importantly, I want those closest to me to know they are loved.

I have learnt so many life lessons this year:
Don't be complacent
Don't take life for granted
Treasure the little things
Live life and be happy
Take it all in, soak it all up
for one day, it's all gone.

xox Sam I am

My Mum now lay in a hospital bed, I treasure every moment I get with her and quietly pray for a miracle...

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The portrait session you always wanted, in half the time and half the price!!

For only $49 you will experience the difference, with a 45 minute mini session at one of these great locations

Urban Kidz - Ipswich City
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Feb 13th-18th & 27th-29th

Contact me today by calling 32880378 or 0419731709,
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*Children only from the same family (no family portraits)
*Session fee is due upon booking to secure your chosen date and time, and is non-refundable
*Dates may be changed due to bad weather
*9am & 10am or 3:30pm and 4:30pm session times only

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Wyatt is the "newest" addition to our family, born on the same day as his cousin Chelsea, about 20 hours apart, so although they share the same birthday, Wyatt is officially the "newest".  This year our family grew by 4 new babies, needless to say, they will all be very close in age, and hopefully all grow up close friends.  Christmas is going to be HECTIC, we are all so excited.

 I have been spoilt with newborns of late, and have been LOVING it, each session has been so different, and each with their own highlights.  I just loved how the blue wrap turned out in these images, it is the first time I have used it for a newborn session, and it looks great. I adore the colours for a little boy.  Wyatt is the first born son to my sister in-law and her husband, they are just over the moon with excitement, he is just the most adorable little man

There is nothing more precious than the miracle of life.
Tracie you've changed into a mother
Having first become a wife.
Now Liam is a father
With his son Wyatt upon his knee.
There is nothing more rewarding
This is how it's meant to be.
A child completes a family
And there's nothing more to say.
Except to wish you joy and happiness
Upon each and every day
Congratulations ♥

(i found this poem on-line and loved it)

We get so much traffic through here, I'd love to hear what you think, please don't be affraid to leave your feedback below :)

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Get your Christmas Cash from Sam I am!

To claim your $50 Christmas BONUS from Sam I am please click on the coupon below - print it out and present to Sam when booking your portrait design consultation.  Smart Phone users can simply show this image to Sam on your mobile device.  We hope you have a fantastic Christmas with family & friends! 

 *Limit of ONE (1) Christmas Cash coupon per portrait session/order.  Not valid with any other special offers, events, Gift Cards.  Not redeemable for cash.*  Offer expires 31/03/2012

Friday, December 9, 2011


 Meet Chelsea, one of the newest additions to our family.  This gorgeous little bubba was extraordinarily born on the same day, same hospital, as her cousin Wyatt. (in fact their mums (who are sisters) were in birthing suites side by side).   The mummy's due dates were roughly 2 weeks apart, so to be born on the same day is amazing.  Little Chelsea's photo shoot took place on day 4, yes 4 days old!! I must say, what a difference it makes to photograph babies under 5days old.....she was soooooo sleepy, just perfect.  These are a couple of our favorite images from her session..... Enjoy

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


As most of you know, we have just completed a very successful event called "Show You Care With A Teddy Bear" where we collected $1500 worth of toys in lieu of session fees for October and November, that we have donated to the Mater Little Miracles.  We have also donated ONE full Digital Session per month to the Mater Children's Hospital, who hand pick a family that a) might never afford a family portrait due to heavy medical costs, or b) just may never think of it.  So this very deserving family was hand picked by the staff of the Mater Children's Hospital to receive a Family Portrait Session with me valued at $1000.

I took a long drive up the range to Toowoomba to Photograph Angelina and her Family at their home.  When I was given the contacts for the family, I was only told that Angelina had an appearance deformity, but still didn't know what to expect.  So after speaking with Kerry, Angelina's mum, I learned that she has Crouzon Syndrome, which can be genetic or arise as a new condition in the family.  There are many facts on the Internet explaining how, and why and provide a better understanding of Crouzon Syndrome, so I will leave that up to the experts.  All I know is that Angelina is "different" she didn't come in the "shiny packaging" of typical newborn babies,  she will and has already undergone lots operations to help with the many symptoms of the syndrome, affecting her skull (jaw, eyes, ears, nose and throat).   Yes, Angelina is visibly "different", but oh my, she feels, she loves, and she cares, just like any 2 1/2 year old.  I thought just like any other little girl, she would love to dress up, so I took along all of my studio props and dress-ups, and she LOVED them!! The little Tinkerbell outfit was her favourite and of course she loved the magic wand.  (if only life was as easy as waving the magic wand) To say the least, I was moved by Angelina and her family's courage, bond and clear love that they have for each other, she is one of 7 children, 2 sisters and 4 brothers.  I especially loved the interaction Angelina has with one of her sisters, they share a very special connection.

One thing that really struck me while speaking to Angelina's mum, is that, at 2 1/2 years old, she is already aware that she looks different, that she is looked at differently by society and by other children, this broke my heart, she sometimes even covers her face with a blanket, to hide from people staring, and making her feel uncomfortable.  After recently having a healthy baby, this really gave me a reality check!!  This gorgeous little soul has and will continue to endure hurdles of not only society, but her health.  It makes me sad, but I light of all of this, Angelina's mum said "she is here to educate people about Crouzon, and what an angel she is"  Meeting her and her family was a light in my life that will certainly help keep my reality in check.

Here are Angelina's very special Family Portraits, I just hope that Angelina and her family enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.  I will never forget meeting Angelina, she now holds a very special place in my heart.

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have,
but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do have" 
~Fredrick Keonig

For a little bit of an insight into one very brave ladies life who has Crouzon Syndrome, click the link below (I have not taken these images or published this slideshow)

PS. I love feedback, you are more than welcome to comment below :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I don't often get the opportunity to photograph the clients furry friends during a Family Portrait Session, so I was super excited to learn that I would be photographing a beagle of all furry friends.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my 2 beagles dearly, before Alexis they were our only children, now we have 3 (children).  Zola was.... well, how should I say, "not very beaglish" on this particular day, like, not as HYPO as some Beagles, not interested in playing ball, but very interested in her other beagle trait, and that's sniffing every square inch on the dog park.  Never mind, I had an absolute BALL getting down and dirty with Zola, and man, let me tell you, the smell of where I was laying was gggrrooosssssss, nothing a quick shower wouldn't fix as soon as I got home.  These guys are super fun, and full of love for their Zola!!! (and they just so happen to be related to me :P)

Friday, December 2, 2011


This lucky lady recently won a P&O Cruise for 4 people through the annual Cruise Draw at NV Hairstyles.  Included in her prize was the opportunity to have a Family Portrait Session with yours truly!!  I do believe good things happen to good people, and Cheryl was no exception.  I love when fate brings me in contact with special people, I had a lovely afternoon out at Mount Marrow, a short 15minute drive from Ipswich, and I especially love photographing on the clients private property's, it adds a special meaning to their portraits I think.   Cheryl's husband was unable to make it home in time for the portraits, so Grandma joined in for a wonderful 3 Generation portrait - how special this will be in  many years to come.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I first met Karen through a mutual friend on Facebook, when she stumbled upon another little girls Birthday Club Portraits.  Since then we have had a couple of sessions of her Children, but not of their whole family.  We booked this Family Portrait Session a few months ago to be held at the Cunungra Valley Winery, though at the time of the booking the vines weren't bushy, so we held off until the vines were nice and luscious and green.  I'm so glad we did, this is the beautiful setting for their portraits complete with running stream and of course the vines.  Being wine lovers, we enjoyed a glass or two, and beautiful cheese platter, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon!! I was so excited when Karen chose this location, I had been there before and knew it would be perfect for them.  I'm sure these will make great new additions to the McCreath family wall "in the making".

"The family is one of nature's masterpieces." 
~George Santayana, The Life of Reason

Monday, November 21, 2011


I don't even know how to start this makes me a little bit sad, and happy all at the same time.  After reading in my "notes" on Facebook about how sick my mum is and that she may only have a couple of months to live, and that the first thought that came to mind was that we had been putting off and putting off our own family portraits, Kerri rang me and immediately arranged her family portraits.  I guess you just never know what is around the corner, and Kerri didn't want to have any regrets either, she (and her family) now have piece of mind knowing that their precious family memories have been captured, and it was my absolute honour to do so.  We since have also have had our Family Portraits, so I too can rest easy.  It is just one of those things that if you don't do it today, and you don't get around to it........what if???? I'm just so happy that I inspired Kerri to book their family portraits, because "one day" may never come.

We headed to the Gold Coast for some fun in the sun for the Brazier Family Portraits.  The beach just seemed like the most logical location, seeing most of their Family holidays have been spent at the beach.  I have been photographing this family for about 5 years, from Kerri and Steve's Engagement, their Wedding, Kerri's and Ash's 21st, Kerri's pregnancy and their little boys first Christmas.  I have been a huge part of their lives for so long, they were friends before they were clients, and I feel like a part of their family, I love them all dearly.  Enjoy your blog post guys!!! xxx ps. your photo books are going to look awesome!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Millie and Sam's mum found me through Facebook and is from Bowen (in North QLD).  They just so happened to be travelling down this way, so we booked their session to coincide with their trip.  Nicole makes gorgeous kids clothing and runs her own business on Facebook called Bel Bambino

Sam is the very proud BIG sister to Millie, they are very much like Ebony and Ivory, but just look at them together....melts my heart.  We had a "little" mix up on dates, so we ended up having their session on a Sunday morning, which I don't normally do, but won't hesitate in the future, the light was perfect, and it wasn't quite as hot.  I'm sure you'll agree that these images are just gorgeous, please feel free to leave your feedback!!

"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost." 
~Marion C. Garretty

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Tomas holds my world record for the sleepiest baby ever (especially for 2 weeks old), once we got him to sleep, I was able to pretty much get him into any position and work my magic.  Having photographed Toni at the end of her pregnancy made meeting Tomas in person even more special.

I think Tomas has the most doting family, it is so beautiful to see to love and connections, and beautiful memories being made right before my eyes. I just love these images, Tomas's dad is a big American Football fan, hence the first image of Tomas and his Gridiron helmet :)

Introducing......14 day old Tomas
" Little hands and little feet,
Little toothless grins so sweet,
Little eyes that shine so bright,
Little arms to hug you tight.
Everything is little,
except your joy,
when you have a new baby boy"
~ unknown

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think I have photographed Liz so many times, that by the time Alyssa arrived, we already knew each other :) I had been photographing Liz every month of the pregnancy for her maternity panel, as well as a location session in the beautiful Montville and a mini session of Liz and Mitch towards the end of the pregnancy, so you may say that we have gotten to know each other quite well in 9 months, and Alyssa and I had no trouble getting acquainted with each other the day we finally met in person.  What a little dolly she is, and sooo sleepy, she truly is a credit to her mummy and daddy.

I am so excited for Liz and Mitch, you guys are made for each other and made to be parents, Alyssa is really Blessed to have you guys, as you are also blessed to have her :)

Introducing.......8 day old Alyssa

"A baby of the most beautiful miracles in life,
one of the greatest joys we can ever know,
and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine,
laughter and happiness in your world today" ~ unknown

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I left the selection of location up to Kaylene for their family portraits, as she is from around Toowoomba, but we did go up there the weekend before just to check out what was available.  We visited a couple of the beautiful parks up there, and I must say they are all so well looked after, I guess they should be, Toowoomba is famous for their Carnival of flowers every year.  They decided on the Japanese Gardens, and what a breathtaking place to visit, the look and feel of the garden is so tranquil, there were so many people there just relaxing, enjoying the company of others. 

I had recently photographed Kaylene's youngest little boy as a newborn only a few months ago, so she wanted to have official family portraits taken too, these are just a couple from the session, their little girl was running on energizer batteries, I even struggled to keep up with her :) So full of life and energy, and soooo adorable, these guys were so much fun to work with!!!

"The LOVE of a FAMILY is life's greatest BLESSING"

Sunday, October 23, 2011


We originally photographed these boys in and around the Heritage buildings of Ipswich, so for their family session, Lisa wanted to keep the Heritage feel, so we headed out to the Swanbank railway tracks and station for some fun and relaxed family portraits.  It has been Lisa's aim this year to have her boys photographed before they are "too grown up" to want to have their family portraits, before they are "too cool", so this is our second session this year, and now Lisa an rest easy that she has accomplished beautiful portraits of her boys, a this pre-teen age.

I ALWAYS make a point of checking the train timetable for the steam train which only comes out once a week,  this particular day, the train was meant to be out, but we had missed it, would have been cool to include it in our shoot.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


On my out to Esk for a late afternoon portrait session, then over the radio, severe weather warning for Esk...... eeek.  I was confident that we would beat the weather, and driving just a little over an hour to get there, I was extremely hopeful.  Well we did beat the weather, in fact the strom went right on round us, thank goodness.  This cute little spot was suggested by the twins' mum, Kate, she had been there a few times, as the girls daddy works nearby.  It is a little un-used railway station that had been restored by the rotary club.

When the twins were little they had spent some time a the Mater Childrens Hospital, so when Kate saw our "Show you care with a teddy bear" event, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to support the Mater Little Miracles and have beautiful portraits taken for her little girls 1st Birthday, together with their big brother.

Enjoy these images of the twins and their BIG brother at the Esk Railway Station.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The story behind the shoot:

Amy first came to me when she had just found out she was pregnant, this maternity session was very much a long time in the making.  We had discussed re-scheduling for bad weather, but decided that we would take the chance......and I could not be happier that we did!!  I had caught up with Amy a couple of times over the months, and wondered when she was going to start "showing" .......these images captured Amy and her bump at 33 weeks, still a very little bump, I think it's safe to say that this will be just a little bub, right through til the end.  I am truly blessed that Amy has come into my life, she is beautiful inside and out, she will make a wonderful mummy, she couldn't be more excited at the thought having her very own little person, who will love and look up to her forever and ever.   

I had photographed at this location once before, actually the property owner's daughter had portraits here, and I LOVED this spot sooo much that I kindly asked if I may come back.....well of course they said yes, and these are the resulting images, we even had a little sun shower to top off a magical afternoon.

 "I begin to love this creature,
and to anticipate the birth
as a fresh twist to a knot,
which I do not wish to untie”
By Mary Wollstonecraft

~ There is no friendship, no love,
like that of a mother for her child. ~
Henry Ward Beecher


I finally got to meet Daddy-to-be, Mitch, I could finally put a face to a name, as I had already heard sooo much about him - all good of course.  Each as anxious as each other about the arrival of their first baby, and to find out if it is indeed a boy or girl.  I personally think it's a girl, but that's just my expert "guess".

~A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone”~
By Author Unknown
The next few months with the Walsh family will be so exciting, as they will welcome a new baby into their family and have brand new family portraits to mark the occasion.  I can't wait.  Also I can't wait to reveal our 9 month long project to the world, Liz's maternity panel,  coming together beautifully, each month marking the growth of baby Doherty, so far it looks Amazing.


Three names, all starting with J, had my tongue a little twisted. I had to pause a little longer before saying who's name I was thinking about saying, it was challenging and a little funny.  I am grateful to Miss J's grandma for organising for her to have family portraits taken, to Celebrate her little boys (master J) first birthday.   He was not quite walking, which makes my job just a little easier, not so fast paced.  But boy oh boy, when he can walk, he will be off like a shot.  He is sooo close now, I'm sure it wont be long.  Hope you guys had an awesome time away, can't wait to show you the rest :)

with that oh so cheeky grin, reminded me of this little saying...
~You'll be on your way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights~   
Dr. Seuss