Friday, September 30, 2011


I have recently come into contact with an amazing young woman, enquiring to have her maternity portraits taken.  Toni is, vibrant and bubbly, and to be quite honest, I felt as though we hit it off immediately after meeting.  I am incredibly excited when the first time I photograph someone is for their maternity session, because this generally means, we are beginning a life long journey together.  How many people in their professions can say something so powerful??  It was lovely to see the excitement  and anticipation with Toni and Joel, and Grandma-to-be Karen,  I could tell they just can't wait, and neither can I,  I can't wait for little Thomas to arrive, and the day I get to meet him!!
~"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body." ~
Author: Elizabeth Stone

Friday, September 23, 2011


In an endeavour to brighten the days of sick children in the Mater Children's Hospital, we have launched our very first SHOW YOU CARE WITH A TEDDY BEAR event.

I feel it is so important to not let "life" get in the way of capturing precious family memories,  unfortunately for different reasons, the "family portrait" is often overlooked and put off.  We have launched this campaign to assist families to "get around" to their family portrait, making it affordable, while donating to a worthy cause.

To participate, all you have to do is purchase new toys to the value of $49.  Donate them in lieu of a session fee (usually $99) and we will pass them on to the Mater Little Miracles Foundation.  For your donation, you will receive, a session design consultation, 1-2 hour ON LOCATION portrait session, and your preview session.  All purchases are additional and are made at your preview session.  Your toy donation is due upon booking to secure your chosen date.  We also have many payment options to assist if needed.

Featured in the local news, me with our little bubba Alexis!! 


I am fortunate enough to have many repeat clients, this is the second portrait session for Tess and her main little man Justice.  I had recently donated a portrait package to Cambells Crusade, Tess outbid a few very generous ladies in this online auction to raise much needed funds for a very special little boy. 

I believe that Justice would have to win a medal for the FASTEST crawler ever, my goodness that boy can move!!  I felt soooo comfortable with Tess and was so grateful for her mum Sharon's help in getting Justice's attention, she also captured our "behind the scenes" images. 

"It's not often you get to see what the whole scene looks like, so here you go, there I am, getting down and dirty with the best.  Justice beat me at the crawling race."
 "I love this little "man made" creek, I knew I wanted to photograph in here, but was a little worried about Justice near the water, so a nice sitting-holding shot gave this result below"
 "With Justice not quite walking, he stands and holds very well, I loved this scene for the colours and textures of the concrete wall, also providing him with "something to hold onto", I hope you like it too!!"
Thanks Tess, Justice and Sharon for such a beautiful relaxing afternoon by the river, can't wait till the next time we meet..... ♥

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A short trip from Montville is Gardner's Falls, missing the turnoff and making Liz think we were on a wild goose chase, we eventually made it to these amazing waterfalls.  Dan and I had been scouting the perfect locations for 2 days, once we had found this spot we knew it would be IDEAL for Liz's maternity session, complete with fresh running spring water, Liz being the trooper that she is agreed to get into one of the little rock pools, the water was on the CHILLY side, and I'm sure her little bub was a little shell shocked!!  I could have spent the whole afternoon in this spot, it was THAT amazing.
But..... we had another location in mind and more ideas to try out, so we headed off to lake Baroon for the last half of the session, we had a little wait for just a few minutes for the light to turn "golden" then the last hour seemed to breeze by as we enjoyed the serenity of the lake and the sun started to set on what was another gorgeous day, spent with gorgeous people. 
We did however miss closing time at the fudge shop, so I made a promise to Liz that I would stop by and pick her up some caramel fudge,  I didn't realise how many different caramels you could get, so I got her all of them!!  You can't deny a pregnant woman her fudge!! 

a note from Sam: "Liz, you made it so easy for me to capture these amazing images of you, I hope that you will cherish them, just as I cherish mine.  They are a wonderful reminder of just how clever the woman's body is.  And believe it or not, you do forget how it feels being pregnant, so now you have an everlasting reminder of that day, that you felt so amazingly beautiful carrying your baby on the inside!!  I can't wait to share more portrait experiences with you, Mitch and your gorgeous baby XX or XY"

Thanks to Ashleigh and Carter for keeping Liz company on her drive to Montville, and for your helping hand during the session!!

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A short walk into the Rainforest's at Kondalilla Falls offered absolutely picturesque bliss for Sarah and Luke's family portraits.  The atmosphere was so relaxing (even enough for Master B to nod off to sleep during their session) Set at the base of a waterfall, it was easy to see the natural beauty unfold before our eyes.  We then headed off to Lake Baroon (images below) - complete with calm serenity again, a beautiful peaceful spot which was enjoyed by Sarah and Luke, and the kiddies.
Earlier that day, while on a location hunt, we spotted this barn shed wall, which is accessible without entering onto any ones property. This location was a MUST on the way to the Lake. Well.....on the way out, there was already another session under way there for what looked like a fashion shoot, so we stopped on the way back, making this our last location. After a brief little down pour we stopped for our last couple of shots. (the other people were still in their cars from the rain) With exhausted kiddies, the Sawyer family headed home, from what was such an enjoyable day. 
a note from Sam: " Guys, I thoroughly enjoyed capturing your family portrait, to be given such a wonderful opportunity by you is never taken for granted.  Having captured both kiddies at different times, I'm glad you made the 2 hour drive for these amazing locations for your family portraits, making them just as unique as you are!! Thanks again" 

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Meet baby Connor, I just could not believe those eye lashes!!! Such a handsome little man, and oh so co-operative.  I make no secret that newborns are my all time favourite to photograph, the sessions are so relaxed, and calm, once we have the little one asleep, it's like i can get into a zone and nothing else matters for what seems like hours.  It's just me and the precious little baby, it's an honour and responsibility that is never taken lightly nor ever taken for granted.  I just hope that I still have this passion for many years to come, as I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

"No feather so soft
No kiss so sweet
No touch so gentle
No sunset so amazing
As You"


Introducing, 10 day old little Jesse.  He is the second addition to the family of fellow photographer Mel, from Mel B Photography.  A gorgeous little squishy friend for big brother Jayden, who I'm sure is so proud to the the BIG brother - the protector.  I just about went into cuteness overload with each image, just breathtaking innocence unfolding before my eyes.  It was lovely to meet both Jesse, and his mummy, and an absolute honour to create these gorgeous portraits of him.

Nobody will ever know the strength of my love for you.
After all, You’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”


I was quite amazed with the amount of hair little baby Hudson has. This little man put up quite a fight, but as usual, I won in the end. My aim for this session, was to think a little differently, to capture images different to all of my others, using different props and lighting and of course posing. I was quite impressed with the result, in fact some of my favourite images ever captured. I have had my fair share of little boys in the studio lately, 3 in a row, and am really looking forward to my next little girl, who I have a brand new little prop to try out, I'm so excited. It seems things really happen in 3's for me, as the saying goes. :) Enjoy this series of images, I am really proud of them, let me know what you think, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Sam I am | Portrait Photographer

Sam I am | Portrait Photographer was created after almost 6 years operating as Studio Instinct Photography.  It has been a personal decision made to reflect the type of custom photography I wish to capture now and into the future.  It's what I LOVE and it's the Custom Photography that my fantastic clients have come to expect and desire.  I enjoy creating personalised artwork to hang proudly in clients homes to be enjoyed for many years ahead.  It has been a long journey of self discovery and without the amazing people around me would not have been at all possible.  I guess you could say I've finally found the "dream" I've been chasing for so long.  Not too many people get to do what they truly enjoy and for this I am eternally thankful.  The trust others place in me to capture their families precious moments is never taken lightly as I continue to push my own boundaries - with a little help from my friends - to go above and beyond what is expected of a "normal photographer". 

I am Sam - Sam I am | Portrait Photographer:  It's who I am & what I LOVE!

Thank you to all of my past clients for your support and if you are joining us for the first time, I look forward to designing your very own custom portrait session.

Here on the blog you will find the "story" behind the session, never before seen images, news and promotions, and the new addition of my monthly photo challenge.  To be the first to read about all things related to Sam I am, subscribe to this blog,  I would love to hear your feedback (good or bad).